rat lungworm disease

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Online Support Groups

support groups

Online support groups for victims of Rat Lungworm Disease and their family and friends.

Voice of Victims on Facebook

Hawaii Rat Lungworm Awareness

This page is a community forum for discussing the threat of Rat Lungworm Disease in Hawaii. If you have immediate concerns regarding Rat Lungworm disease this Facebook forum has very timely and informed posts regarding the disease and possible treatments and would be a great forum to join.

Rat Lungworm Working Group

Serves as a forum for discussion of all aspects of Rat Lungworm Disease. Please visit and share your experiences.


Senator Russell Ruderman announces support group meetings on his website for those living on the islands.

Rebekah Uccellini is in recovery from Rat Lungworm disease and can be reached via email at:


Kaye Howe is currently in California and can be reached via email at:


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