rat lungworm disease

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In the Media

The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) launched a statewide broadcast media campaign in late 2017 to educate residents and visitors about rat lungworm disease, a rare but potentially devastating illness that can have debilitating effects on an infected person's brain and spinal cord. Through a partnership with the Hawaii Association of Broadcasters, the campaign aims to increase awareness and prevention of rat lungworm disease through a series of television and radio public education announcements. The videos below are part of this media campaign.

UH Hilo DKICP - Rat Lungworm "Fun”damentals Claymation Video by Kay Howe

Dire Situation For Hawaii Island Health Care, Survey Shows (Apr. 2022)

C.D.C. Proposes New Guidelines for Treating Pain, Including Opioid Use

A Journal of Asia Pacific Medicine & Public Health (PDF)

Rat Lungworm - What You Need to Know. What You Need to Do - Insights on PBS Hawai'i

Hawaii State Department of Health Rat Lungworm Disease Education: Checking and Washing

Hawaii State Department of Health Rat Lungworm Disease Education: In Our Neighborhood

RLWD Food Preparation - Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy - University of Hawai'i at Hilo

State investigates rat lungworm cases; Maui victim describes pain worse than childbirth - KHON2 News In Hawaii Video

Proper Washing of Fruits and Vegetables - KHON2 News In Hawaii Video

UPDATE: Addressing Rat Lungworm Disease with New DOH Produce Washing Techniques - KHON2 News In Hawaii Video

What is Rat Lungworm Disease? (Angiostrongylus) - US Center For Disease Control Video

Media Articles

Ratlungworm Cases in Hawaii Differ from Others Around the World.
Hawaii Tribune Herald article

Understanding Rat Lung Worm, the Parasite Invoking Fear Throughout Hawaii
The Inertia article

slug on lettuce

Slugs Can Be Found on Lettuce and Other Produce. Cooking or Freezing Can Kill potential Parasites
Addressing Rat Lungworm Disease

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